11th April 2020
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Tip number one, quality over quantity

Here’s 5 tips on making videos people will actually want to watch. Let’s get started.


Let me ask you a question. What Is your video marketing strategy? Do you have a fixed number of videos that you have to get out every month? That might be the problem. If your marketing strategy, implies that you concentrate on the number of videos you upload and not the quality of the content, you’re in trouble.

You’re just paving the way for viewers to click the unfollow button. You don’t want that. I don’t want that, your viewers don’t want that. You need to focus on creating quality content. It doesn’t matter if you upload just one or two videos every month, your content is what’s going to draw your viewers and not your ability to spam. Give your viewers content that they enjoy, and the gap between each video upload becomes self-explanatory.


Your company has expertise in a particular niche, and God knows people are looking for the insight you have. So why not use your subject expertise to make it rain views. All you need to know is what the audience wants to hear. How do you do that? Well, there are tons of tools you can use such as hrefs.com. Search topics and investigate terms and keywords. Hrefs lets you check out the most popular keywords in your niche. Use this information to find topics for your Making videos.

It even shows you the most popular questions that your target audience searches for. There’s also a neat feature, you can tweak the Keyword Difficulty settings, and figure out which topics would be easier for your Making videos to rank on in search engines. You could even filter the queries by traffic. Try out the seven day trial for $7. And trust me, one week is enough. You can plan out three months worth of video content based on this information.  Your primary focus should be on giving your viewers, an answer. If they see that your company Making videos give them answers to questions they need answered they’re going to remember you. Most importantly, don’t forget to use the right keywords in your video titles and descriptions. Also make sure you upload a transcript, along with the video.


Writers block is something all content creators go through at some point or another. It can be hard to constantly come up with new ideas and concepts for your next video. A great way to come up with some new useable ideas is to use the material you already have on your blog. Making videos on the subject of your most popular posts, or interesting infographic. You can literally do anything. This method of refocusing or repurposing your content, not only saves a lot of time in the creative process. It also repackages your content, so it can be enjoyed by your viewers.


Do you have the need for a mind blowing project, but not the funds for the job? Give it to a freelancer. There’s a lot of great freelancers available on sites like upwork and 99 designs just waiting for your next project. Give them your project, and they’re gonna ask for a smaller paycheck than if you had given it to design agency.


Alright, so your website looks great and everything, but you still got a pretty high bounce rate, guess what, I’m your Messiah. Studies have shown that if you put up a video on your landing page your viewers are much more likely to stay on your pages. So, why not upload a video about your company or your products onto your websites homepage or inner pages. And remember, use it above the fold,  so that it’s the first thing, a visitor sees when they visit your page.


Studies have shown that 82% of Facebook users would rather watch a brand’s live video than read a post. Why?.. simple, a live Making videos the viewers feel like part of what’s going on. The comments, and the like buttons give them the ability to interact in a social event that’s happening on a global scale. Plus, your brand can interact with the audience in real time, making them feel like part of your community. In simpler words, they feel warm and cuddly inside, when your brand interacts with them in a live video. It’s minimal costs, minimal effort with maximum engagement.


This one’s for the inboxes. You can pour your heart and soul into an email, but if the recipient is having a bad day, they’re gonna delete your email without opening it. So, how do you get past this… simple! Mentioning the word video in your subject line can have open rates as high as 19%. If you’re launching a product, attach a customized explainer video. Talk to them about your product or company in your video, and see your click through rate fly through the roof.

TIP #8 Tip – Promote promote promote

Okay. I’m not asking you to spend on expensive Facebook or Instagram ads.  There are cheaper and easier ways to spread the video around to the right people. All you gotta do is hunt for Facebook groups that relate to your product or brand. Go to Instagram hashtags that are popular and checkout the followers of these pages and hashtags. Send them your videos, and they’re more likely to watch your videos since their already interested in your niche.

Reach out to your first contacts on LinkedIn, send them a message about your Making videos. You can use an automation tool like LinkedIn helper to automate the sharing of your videos to LinkedIn contacts. People who enjoy this kind of content, will share it actively with their followers, in turn, they’ll start following you and watching your content, as it comes out. And if your videos are consistent, they’re going to be a part of your loyal fanbase.


It’s time to recycle old videos. Let me explain. Not all of your audience would have seen your videos when you first upload it. There’s probably a lot of people out there who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, but missed your video the first time you uploaded it. That’s why it isn’t enough to promote your video just once, you need to share it again after a couple of days. However, there is a fine line between re sharing and spamming. You need to share your videos in a non obtrusive way on Instagram. You can share your video as a snippet of stories, every other day. You can reshare your video on Facebook and LinkedIn, a couple of times every month, and for Twitter to share anytime. It’s a buzz of activity, go crazy.

Well, there you have it. Those are my tips on Making videos marketing for companies of all sizes. That’s it for today. If you enjoyed this article, leave a comment and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. And don’t forget to visit our website and check out our NYC video production services.


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