Fashion is visual by nature. It’s also aspirational. Customers want to see and feel the brands they love and immerse themselves in new styles. That’s why video marketing is essential for fashion brands looking to connect with customers in the new digital-first ecosystem.
SA Studios can transform your fashion video project or event from a creative concept to a fully realized fashion film or brand campaign. Browse our portfolio of video production projects to get a sense of our work, then get in touch by Sending us a quick email outlining your project.

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Fashion Videos For Iconic Brands

Over the last 10 years, SA Studios NYC has developed bespoke strategies for styling, lighting, composing, and shooting to create fashion media that makes luxury brands stand out. Our fashion production teams specialize in creating original editorial fashion and beauty content for some of the world’s most illustrious brands.

Providing a full range of creative services in addition to our branded content and still photography. This also includes behind-the scenes-footage from editorial, advertising shoots and Fashion Week coverage.


SA Studios NYC has had the privilege of producing fashion and luxury brand campaigns for legacy fashion houses and fresh new up-and-comers alike. Crafting beautiful videos and portraits of your clothing and fashion products, our storytellers capture the brand authenticity that savvy consumers seek.

With the combined capabilities of an advertising agency, video production company, and post-production house, SA Studios NYC can help you grow your brand’s online presence by producing innovative visual content that converts to e-commerce sales and brand loyalty.

Why Choose SA Studios NYC For Your Fashion Video Content?

Our fashion video content helps brands increase online sales and build brand loyalty. That’s because we’re not content with simply creating stunning visuals and hope for the best. Our SEO services are second-to-none when it comes to getting eyes on your pages and platforms. Here’s a sample of what we offer:

Fashion Content For Social Media

From promo videos and teasers to meme-worthy micro-content, we know just the right strategy for reaching your customers on each social channel. Our team understands what it takes to win and build a community of passionate followers, so we approach each campaign with a keen understanding of each platform’s content needs.

Fashion And Beauty Product Videos That Generate Conversions

Over half of consumers want to see video content on your website. Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. Product videos help increase a customers’ understanding of your product and drive sales. At SA Studios NYC, we specialize in creating product videos that get attention and improve conversion rates.

High-Value Fashion Content That Creates Brand Loyalty

Focused content and stellar visuals are what make our work incomparable. As a leading NYC video production company, we are committed to helping brands share brand stories that drive results. Whether it’s targeted, ROI-based social campaigns, or brand awareness on TV, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Unforgettable Brand Activations

Our team of top NYC fashion videographers can help your brand create and promote everything from sizzle reels for upcoming events to interactive video content that gets customers to truly engage with your brand.

Fashion Videography With Poignant Storytelling

Every brand has a personality and aesthetic that speaks to its consumers. Whether your brand leans more documentary-style fashion or towards polished commercial campaigns, we can help you create immersive story arcs that have depth and meaning and create lasting impressions.

SA Studios NYC’s fashion content helps you stay emotionally connected to your audience beyond most marketing materials.

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