Hybrid Event Production

Hybrid events have both live and virtual components. Typically, these events include a live stream of the in-person component that viewers watch from home or another remote location. The challenge is making these two audiences feel equally immersed in the content.

SA Studios NYC can help your company produce the kind of hybrid events that bring your in-person and virtual audiences together for one cohesive experience. And by taking the technical coordination off your hands, we give you the freedom to plan your content, handle registration, engage with live and virtual viewers, and more.

Producing Your Virtual or Hybrid Event

When you choose SA Studios NYC to produce a virtual or hybrid event, you’ll get your own dedicated producer. This producer will conduct an initial consult, get a sense of your expectations, create a timeline, and manage all pre-conference activities and post-event production.

Each event production poses its own unique challenges. That’s why we consider our pre-production process so essential and work hard with our clients to understand their vision and refine deliverables upfront. Once we agree on a plan, SA Studios NYC handles everything from location logistics, and lighting/audio needs to lining up the perfect crew.

Our camera crews can handle productions ranging from single-camera interviews to epic multi-camera shoots that require a small army of production personnel in multiple locations around the world. And we’re especially adept at anticipating potential issues before they arise to ensure a smooth production process. We do the hard work in advance so our clients can have an incredible experience.

Give us a call to discuss your event production needs. We’ll put a team together to make sure you have an epic event.

Why Hire SA Studios NYC?

We’re specialists in creating fast-paced, high-quality films that engage audiences. And we can prove it – we’ve covered everything from the World Economic Forum in Davos to star-studded red carpet events. Along the way, we’ve become experts in capturing moments that enthrall viewers and soundbites that deliver your core messages.

Keeping The Focus On Your Content

Our crew is adept at blending into the background. Your speakers deserve the audience’s undivided attention, not a camera person struggling with a tripod or walking back and forth in their field of view.

We Come Prepared

We’ve learned to arrive early, so we’re set up and ready to go when you are. That way, your team won’t have to worry about when we’ll arrive or what we might need from the facilities managers while you’re trying to welcome guests or prepare for an action-packed day.

We Have Your Tech Needs Covered

The SA Studios NYC team is full of pros who can assess lighting throughout your venue and augment it when needed. We’re also obsessed with sound quality. Audio is an essential part of every virtual and hybrid event. We can work with on-site AV teams to take a feed from their sound desk or provide our own sound equipment, including radio mics, if necessary.

Fast Turnaround

Momentum is key. You don’t want to lose the effect your virtual or hybrid event had on people, so we offer fast turnaround on our editing services and provide intuitive review and approval tools so you can send us feedback efficiently. We’re also happy to add slides from PowerPoint decks to give context to the speaker’s presentation.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to produce the best virtual and hybrid event content possible while keeping prices affordable. SA Studios NYC offers multiple packages for you to choose from based on your need, from one-person crews to large-scale multi-cam production teams.

Looking for the best event production company in NYC?

If you’re ready to work with our virtual and hybrid event production team and enjoy a worry-free event planning experience, give us a call.


We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.