Video titles that get attention on social media

15th February 2020
15th February 2020 admin

Video titles that get attention

Do you want to learn how to write a video titles that gets your audience to actually stop scrolling on social media. Today I’m going to share with you little psychology tricks that help you write titles and actually get your audience to stop scrolling when they see your social media video. Now, just so we’re clear, I am not teaching you how to write clickbait I’m sharing with you proven ways to make your headline as relevant and attention grabbing as possible so your audience realizes, they actually want to pay attention to this video, but remember if you clickbait people and don’t deliver, they won’t trust you.

And make sure you stick around to the end. I’m going to share with you an incredible free resource that helps you generate, really awesome titles in just a few seconds, and some thumbnails.

Video titles, why do they matter. Well, did you know that 80% of people never actually read past the headline on people are scrolling past your video 80% of them won’t even click on it to see what it’s about. And so even if you have the most amazing video if nobody knows what the video is about they’re not going to watch it, which is why If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram you will start seeing this phenomenon.

But this is everywhere you look people are posting video titles bars. The title is meant to be a way to capture your attention and get you intrigued enough to watch the whole video but not every video title that you post will get your audience to stop and watch, it’s not really like writing the title of a novel, why nice girl. When Harry Met Sally, or. Hi Reba, these are not titles that will convince your audience to start watching your video titles on social media.

Now I’m going to give you seven proven ways to create titles that make your audience, stop scrolling, ready?

Number one video titles

Start with the end, the simplest way to grab people’s attention is literally to use their title to tell people what happens at the end of this video. So for example, you’ll notice that nasty dailies videos. Very often he gives away the entire video titles. For example, If you’re teaching somebody how to do something in your video titles or you’re explaining something, then make sure that the title gives that away.

Number two

Answer how what or why now humans are naturally curious creatures and we’re always intrigued by riddle or one solve the problem. If you start off your title with the words how what or lie and pose it as sort of a question that will get your audience at least curious enough to read through and maybe watch a video.

Number three

create a title with a single digit number, we like to know that there is a specific number of things that are going to be covered scientists, even call numbers Brain Candy, because they’re easy to digest and humans like to consume them. This graph shows just how much more people prefer a title with a number in it to any other version of that same title and pro tip I didn’t make the number and odd single digit number for some reason people are attracted to this type of number the best some examples of titles would be seven things you must pack on your next vacation or five ways to get him to say I love you very clear indication of what this video is about in a list form with an odd number.

Number four

your title should have only seven to 10 words. This makes the title long enough to capture people’s attention but short enough to be easily digestible. And remember that people actually only read the first three and the last three words of a sentence so make sure that those are the areas that have the most important keywords of your title, and example of how to use this would be instead of using the title, how to get your boss to listen to you when you have a good idea, you would rearrange that into how to get your bosses by in at work, you shorten it to between seven and 10 words and you make sure that the keywords are in the first three and last three words of the title.

Number five

Use power words. Power words, are any words that are unique and trigger an emotion, for example, courage, eye opening hero free scientifically proven any of these words have emotional triggers that make us feel excited sad, trusting though for example scientifically proven ways to get rid of a cold scientifically proven as a power word that will actually trigger people’s emotional response. This is a trustworthy video, maybe I should watch it. If you want more examples on power words and all you have to do is Google, power words, and you’ll find tons and tons of lists of examples.

Number six

Avoid generic clickbait I see a lot of people make this mistake when they start creating titles, they kind of put these generic one liners hoping that it will intrigue people and it sounds a lot like clickbait watch this video if you wanted to come read the one thing you need to be doing. Now, those titles might work for clickbait articles and they might work for people who are really well known like Gary Vee and Prince EA but those are people that have really developed trust with their audience over time. And so they can get away with posting a video like that because chances are people will watch if you are starting out, do not use generic one liners, to try to get people to click on your video.

Number seven

Use one of the for us. We all Patel recommends using one of for use in your title, unique, ultra specific urgency and useful for unique using words that you don’t really see all the time, are probably better than using generic ones ultra specific means be really clear in the title who This video is for. If you’re talking about packing stuff for vacation, maybe you want to be ultra specific and say five things that moms with little kids need to pack for vacation or five things that you need to pack when you’re going on a business trip, making it ultra specific to a very targeted type of person will make it even more attractive.

When they see it in the title, the third you is urgency, make people feel like if they don’t watch this video, they’re going to miss out for example, six ways to make a million dollars that nobody knows about or five ways to get rid of a sore throat, right now using that very time specific urgency or that secret of urgency, it will intrigue people enough to probably get them to watch your video, just from the title and the last few is useful, make the video title very clear that it’s going to be useful to your audience. So for example, what is the best video editing software that would be a title that would tell anybody who saw this video that if they had that question, this video would be useful because I was going to answer that question so make sure that your title provides some sort of use that would make them interested to watch.

If you’re ready to start cranking out these video titles I’m going to share with you a awesome free resource that I recently discovered that actually helps you do this based off of all of the different tips that I just shared with you. The website is called And they have a special product called headline analyzer. This is totally free and all you have to do is put in the title that you want to use and they will give you a score now writing video titles for a blog post is a little bit different than writing them for social media videos but it is a really great way for you to get a sense of is this even engaging, well my audience be interested in this type of video and if you get a higher score you can assume that this is a title that you should use for your video.Once you’ve started creating video titles, let me know what they are in the comments below and I will give you individualized feedback on how you can make them even better.



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