Short form video content

Short form video content gives you a chance to strengthen your connection with customers in a personal way. Your creative options never end.

What’s short form video?

Short-form productions run 15 to 120 seconds, long enough to express a key message and enhance your brand but short enough to hold viewers’ attention.

They’re ideal for increasing awareness of your service or product’s essential benefits. Use them to highlight differentiators, underscore community values or advertise little-known facts. Short-form videos also provide a perfect platform for major announcements, invitations, product introductions, and quick testimonials. They give new consumers a chance to learn more about your business, deepen their engagement and understand your mission. At under two minutes, they’re budget-friendly, highly shareable and suitable for large-scale social media campaigns.

Why short-form video?

Short-form productions are particularly effective with audiences who recognize your brand but don’t yet know you well. They help move consumers from awareness to interest.

As part of marketing campaigns, they increase conversion rates on landing pages and encourage subscriptions. They also serve as a gateway to games, contests and surveys that bring people closer to your brand. With their short time-frame, it’s important to tune your message to the right pitch without wasting time. Visuals, text, music and voice-over all have to coordinate for a unified impression. Our creative expertise will help you focus in on the right plan then find the world-class artists to execute it. Plus, our video-savvy development process makes production fast and easy. Short form video content creaters.


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