If you look around the social media landscape, you’ll find that videos are being shared the most in comparison to other content types. While there are many reasons as to why people like sharing videos, one of the strongest “why” is that people connect to the right video content on an emotional level. By creating videos that appeal to the emotions of your target audience, you not only give them a reason to consume your content but also spread it across their own network.


Pose a question, spark conversation, or tease upcoming events. The opportunities are endless. These bite-sized productions can work as a series, each one telling part of a story that keeps customers interested for days. Micro videos work best in volume with frequent postings on social media, where they encourage shares, extend your brand reach and enhance marketing campaigns.


Micro content videos excel at building brand awareness with an increasingly distracted public. They’re easy to watch, amusing and take little time. And they’re more likely to be shared on social media than text or photos so you get maximum exposure with each post. Micro videos are fast to produce, so you can create different versions for different market niches or build a collection to increase engagement. The key to micro video success is making the right impression immediately. Our proven development process will help you clarify the message and find the best artists to combine iconic images and attention-grabbing audio. Plus, our highly efficient design and review process makes it easy to create a full micro video series.


We’re proud to have some of New York City’s best marketing talent. Our team is made of social media masters, strategic thinkers, and skilled designers. Driven by a burning desire to deliver incredible results on every engagement. Our company culture encourages innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative solutions to tough problems. A proactive team, providing quick, pointed, and strategic solutions that solve your immediate issues and build lasting results.


When you sell your products online, you need a long-term strategy with a short-term focus on immediate sales. An alluring web design, consumer-focused content, and the right sales funnel all play a key role in successful e-commerce brands. SA Studios NYC’s team of e-commerce experts builds a sustainable e-commerce strategy while growing your bottom-line from day-one.


Content that converts. Content that engages. Content that builds loyalty. SA Studios NYC utilizes a combination of editorial excellence, sophisticated distribution, social advertising and retargeting to create year-round audience engagement and lead generation. Our team creates the perfect content for your brand’s long-term marketing strategy while addressing your company’s immediate sales and ROI needs. Did we mention that great content drives effective SEO, too?


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