Our specialty in branded content, corporate videos, digital content and post-production services allows us to provide a robust menu of services to businesses and agencies of all sizes. Every brand has a specific audience with key themes that are most relevant to them.

It is the  responsibility  of our video agency NYC to make sure these themes are communicated clearly and meaningfully to make the most impact on your audience. Our diverse production experience has allowed us to produce a wide variety of unique content for audiences all around the world.


Whether you need bite-sized videos or documentary length content or anywhere in between, we have you covered. Ramping up internal or external resources to fit the ebbs and flows of client requests is no easy task.

Rather than spending countless hours hiring and training new talent, learning new skills, or managing a pool of freelancers, let our video agency NYC manage it for you, so you can manage your clients. Our creative team expertly navigates the complexity of designing the right experience for consumers on every platform. we help as agency video production


We offer clients a unique advantage through thumb-stopping creative and storytelling that brings brand messaging to life. We are a group of creative and driven individuals who all share the same unbridled passion for social media.

We are fluent in hashtags, filters and memes. And with New York City as our playground, we are constantly discovering new adventures and seeking inspiration around us!


AT SA STUDIOS NYC, we’re not your regular in-house video production agency. We are creatives who are interconnected, tech savvy and passionate about everything video.

WE THRIVE on words and always get excited about new ideas. Basically, the more you give us, the stronger our mojo becomes. You’ll find that we are committed to answering your emails and appreciate and value your time.


WE GET TO KNOW each other. This is where we have in-depth conversations and you help us understand why your product or service exists. We then start developing the tone, direction and voice for your brand. If you already have one, great! We’ll work with you to make it even better.

OUR GOAL is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and build your brand strategy and video concept around them. Then we break it down into bite size chunks of digestible information to engage your target audience. This is why being extremely detailed in your description is essential to building the right story arc for your content. That is why you need a professional video agency NYC for video production.


Once we’re past the awkward dating phase and ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! It’s at this stage where we begin writing scripts, scouting talent and locations in order to create a video that represents your brand in the best possible way.


We put together our team of talented staff of expert craftsmen and women. Next, we begin throwing ideas against the proverbial board, scriptwriting, making coffee, storyboarding, drinking coffee, casting beings who represent your brand and scout for awesome locations to shoot. Once we have all the dominoes in place, we get our dollies ready for production.


At this point we are caffeinated, scripted, equipped and ready to roll. We are ready to meet with our talent at the locations we have booked in advance and start principal photography (aka: filming of the scenes).


At our video agency NYC, we edit, condense, use motion graphics, special effects, sound and find the right music in order to create a captivating story that connects your message with your audience. Then we tweak it, polish it, finesse it and perfect it. Once it’s perfect, we perfect it some more.


BY NOW, we’ve shared the video with you and you absolutely loved it! You’re so excited, you can’t wait for everyone else to see it. There’s only one problem. You don’t know how to get it in front of your audience. That’s okay. Our video agency NYC can help you with that too. sastudios is a #1 video agency NYC.


We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.