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No one is going to watch your video if it doesn’t have subtitles. There, I said it. 85% of social media videos are watched without sound which means no matter how incredible your video is, if you don’t include subtitles, no one is listening. Fact, adding subtitles to your video will actually increase the average engagement and audience retention by a whopping 15%, which means that if you are posting a video and you want people to pay attention to it, it needs to have subtitles.

Figuring out how to add them to your video consumed costly or time consuming, but because this is so vital to the success of your video I am sharing with you for free, three ways that you can add subtitles directly to your video.

four ways that you can automatically add subtitles

There are the four ways that you can automatically add subtitles to your video for free. The first way that you can add subtitles directly to your video is using a free app on an iPhone I would recommend using the app called clips, it’s automatically available on the newer versions of the iPhone but can also be found in the Apple store, and for an Android I would recommend auto cap, which is also free and actually even more powerful than clips.

If you want to add subtitles to a video you’ve already created then follow me to the next free option. Okay, so the second way that you can subtitle your videos for free, is actually using the auto generate subtitles on your Facebook business page. This is very effective if you have a video that you’re uploading to social media, specifically, Facebook, and you know didn’t have time to put subtitles on the actual video there is a way that you can auto generate them on Facebook.

Now just a warning subtitles only show up:

if somebody is watching without sound so if they do click on your video to play the audio will turn on but the subtitles will disappear. And it’s also only useful if your video is just being shown on Facebook, but if you want to use it for Instagram or YouTube, it cannot transfer the subtitles that you created on Facebook, but you another video but it’s really effective when you’re just uploading it to your business page, and just want the subtitles to be there because 85% of people are watching it. So the way that you do that is you upload the video directly to your business page again.

It’s only is available on a business page and you go to the subtitles and captions, you select your language so unfortunately I’ve tried it for a few different languages, and it really only works for English, and then you press auto generate, and it is really surprisingly accurate. You can actually go in and edit it so that you can make sure you don’t sound like an idiot. So I’m asked where I basically just talk about subtitles.

Another thing is you can’t really change the font or positioning of the subtitles, it’s just kind of generic what’s there. You can change the text so if I didn’t say this, I could change it. I could also change how long the subtitle appears so it is very useful and I use this for a lot of my videos at the beginning and it just didn’t have time to create subtitles on the videos. If you want something that you can actually use to create subtitles directly onto your videos and use them for other places with the subtitles that follow me to the next type of Subtitles

Feed.io It’s a new website that I just stumbled across, it’s still in beta testing, which means that it might be a little bit glitchy, but also means that they’re super open to feedback and give everything away for free and come on to the website you’ll see here upload a video, so again I have my video ready that I created with me talking about making subtitles in. I am making this video to teach you how to add subtitles directly to your video for free uploaded my video.

This actually has a few things you can like edit and add stuff super cool I’m just going to show you how to do subtitles but you should definitely play around a bit, there is an automatic subtitles and a manual subtitles. You can try the automatic subtitles and see if it works. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t it will really depend on how bad or good your audio is so from very noisy area or if you didn’t speak clearly it might not auto generate. I’m making it to teach you how to add subtitles so you can change the font. I can make it smaller, because of space. I can make the background I can change it so there’s no black or just outline, or have it be red. Dressing I can change the font color. You know, I wouldn’t go too crazy fonts should be basically white.

You can add another subtitle here if it didn’t pick it up correctly, you can change where it ends and begins to seconds. It’s very user friendly and very efficient for making quick videos downside is you can only upload a 50 megabyte video so if you have a long film or if you have a heavy file, it won’t work. And I found that the longer the video is or the more things I say, the less effective the auto generate is. And it’s because it’s a pretty new thing is pretty glitchy, but other than that it seems to work relatively well.

So there you have it, let me know in the comments below just how effective these ideas are to your business.
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